A Picnic with a View: Palm Beach

Written by The Bug

At the end of last semester, the Global Citizen Team (GCT) visited the beautiful Palm Beach and had a picnic by the cliff overlooking the waters. Palm Beach is called as the jewel of Sydney northern beaches and with good reason. After drove by car from UNSW, three hours later, we were greeted its sparkling blue water and golden sands.



Compared to other famous beaches in Sydney, Palm Beach is less crowded and an ideal spot for swimming, surfing, strolling and relaxing. Without spending too much time along the coast, we quickly decided to climb up the hill beside the water and have a look from the top. Since we carried several bags of food with us, the long and steep rocks stairs became a real challenging hike. Nevertheless, we still found lots of unexpected, stunning views as we slowly approached the top.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse is the landmark as well as the destination of our short hike. This 165-year-old lighthouse received its name from the customs officers who built it up to monitor smugglers activities in Broken Bay area. You can always easily capture the panoramic views of Broken Bay, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and the Central Coast from any point near around Barrenjoey Lighthouse. The tranquil and peaceful atmosphere at the top made it a perfect place do meditate, relax and unwind.


Previously, I thought that the highlighti of our joyful trip should be the coastal picnic, however, we suddenly changed our mind after we found a wonderful cliff platform. Five of us sat in a circle facing the ocean. We enjoyed the food, shared stories and laughed to our heart’s contect. I had to admit that this was certainly a memorable moment in my life. Of course, we also took some funny yoga photos to record this great experience.

Lastly, the Global Citizen Team (GCT) has to say bye to one of our team leaders, Annie Yan, who is going to start her one-year exchange program in Texas, USA. We all hope she will have a great time there. We are looking forward to hearing of all your crazy US stories Annie!

By Sienna Xue


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