About us

The Bug is a student-run blog placing a strong focus on collating destinations of choice for UNSW students. These destinations encompass assorted cities, suburbs, restaurants, coffee shops and, bookstores in Sydney – and beyond! –  that are accessible to university students constrained by time and money.

The Bug is run by a student volunteer team called the Global Citizen Team, supported by the Student Development, UNSW Australia. Student Development supports UNSW students in their professional development through its Volunteering Program and the Leadership Program. The program also provides students with personal support and a place for relaxation on campus.

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The Team

Project Leaders:

Fiona Lam

Hi I’m Fiona. I’m a Finance and Accounting student at UNSW. One day, I would like to move to Iceland and start on my great, Pulitzer Prize winning novel, but in the mean time, I’m living in Sydney and enjoying what it has to offer. As a former exchange student, I used to live in England and I have a soft spot for tea, terrible English reality television shows and Yorkshire pudding.


Aviral Sharma

Hi, I am Aviral…I am a 2nd year student studying Bachelors of science (Biotechnology). I am an international student from India and I am very excited to visit places here in Sydney. I like exploring new places (just like going on a quest…haha) . Playing guitar, watching movies and TV shows are some of my hobbies. Cricket is my favourite sport. My school was situated near the Himalayas and I studied there for 6 long years, so I am very fond of going to places, which have a natural scenic beauty. I have already made a visit to Melbourne and Canberra and I look forward to visit more places in Australia and share my experiences with you all.


Project Officers:

Flora Choi

Hey guys! I’m Flora and I’m a third year UNSW student studying Commerce and Media majoring in Marketing, PR and Advertising. I admittedly, am totally guilty of taking photos of everything (and I am not even exaggerating about “everything”). Besides the aesthetically pleasing travel photos, beach and foodie adventures around Sydney and beyond, I take photos of fashion pieces, architectural designs, nature, dogs and of course the classic #selfie. I love taking photos to document occasions, memories and experiences – not to mention my slight addiction with editing photos as well.


Sandra Luu

Hello! I’m Sandra – a 4th year Commerce (International) student. I have a great love for travelling, cultures and history. True to my Asian upbringing, I enjoy bonding over food adventures and television/films. Excited to be exploring with the Bug!


Alex Lin

Hello, I’m Alex, a third-year Commerce and Law student. I’m passionate about travelling and food. During my exchange study in the United States, I visited 11 cities and burned through all my savings from the past few years. Hopefully, I can earn some money from my internship this summer so I can head off to Europe next year. If you know any good restaurant there, please let me know! I HAVE NO BUDGET WHEN IT COMES TO GOOD FOOD!!!


Kristine Pan

Hey guys! I’m Kristine, a second year Aviation (Management) student. I love travelling, hiking, road tripping and just all things related to nature really. I do love the city life, but something about mother nature just seems so calming and refreshing. Forever on the search for hikes to go on, so if you know any good ones, be sure to hit me up! Maybe one day I’ll conquer Mt Everest, but till then I’ll settle for many of NSW’s mountains.


Phuc Nguyen

Hellooooo everyoneee, I’m Phuc and I’m the baby in GCT. I am currently a first year doing Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering/Master of Biomedical. But regardless of my busy engineering schedule, I always make time to explore new places especially away from suburban or city areas. I’ll be going on my first overseas trip at the end of this year so hopefully I’ll be able to share the experience with everyone then!! My goal is to eventually travel around the world for my engineering career because life isn’t just fun staying in one place :)!







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