An Unexpected Visit to Tasmania

Written by The Bug


It was 11 weeks into the semester and my family suddenly decided to take a short holiday to Hobart, Tasmania. Initially, I was’t too keen and excited by the idea of going to a city where it is known to be super quiet and nothing really happens there… but after visiting Hobart, I can definitely say everything I found in Hobart was an unexpected surprise. Food was great and the scenery was even better! So I will be going through a list of must-do’s in Hobart now!

For Foodies, Restaurants youu definitely need to try:

1.La Porchetta

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This place can be judged by it’s cover, the decor, location and staff, they were all so nice/friendly and not surprising. Which is what the food is like, I must say the food was cooked so well and it is what you expect when you order. The sizes are good and the variety is also great, I can definitely say that it is good for its value. The restaurant is also easy to find just sitting on the street full of restaurants, and amongst its competitor, it is the most affordable and has the friendliest atmosphere.

2. Laundry Cafe

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This place was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to give it go. We came for Brekky, it definitely did not disappoint, the food and coffee was amazingggg! Excellent food, great service, fun vibe.. We actually went back there twice while on holiday in the area and have found it to be the only spot in the area that does a good all day breakfast! I would definitely recommend this place as a brekky location for anyone who is planning a trip to Hobart soon!

3.Hobart Oyster House


This Oyster house has oysters of different sizes ranging from small to Jumbo, luckily on the day i visited the store, jumbo was available. These oysters were freshly opened, you could see her opening them in the kitchen while you’re waiting for your order to come. She was also super friendly, service was great but this place could be hard to get to without a car. Would recommend this place for a visit though, especially for those who loves oysters like me! 😀

Places you need to visit while you’re in Hobart:

1. Mount Wellington

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I will let the photos speak for itself. But words of advice, if you going during winter, or late autumn please make sure to bring some warm clothes, it can get really cold up there at the observatory!

2. Bruny Island

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Make sure you get to the neck of Bruny island for the sunrise, it was the prettiest sunrise I’ve ever seen! To get around Bruny island, I will suggest either join a local tour or rent your own car, it would be impossible to get around without a car since they don’t have any forms of public transportation on the island! If you have time, this is a place you should definitely visit!


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