Barefoot Yoga

Written by The Bug

Ever wondered what a downward dog feels like? Have you always wanted to touch your toes? Or do a headstand? Then Barefoot Yoga is just the thing for you to experience and accomplish these goals! Yoga isn’t just for the soy chai latte- green tea-drinking-meditating types. You don’t have to be as flexible as an Olympic gymnast or an ultimate yogi to enjoy the benefits of yoga. What makes Barefoot Yoga so special is that it is Australia’s first ever yoga by-donation studio. The studio has a really warm and welcoming vibe and it offers vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga for all levels! Some classes even play music ranging from funky beats to soothing rainforest tunes to transport you into another world and allow you to find your inner yin and yang. The suggested donation is between $10-$20, which makes yoga really accessible to everyone, and also won’t burn a hole in student’s pockets.

Whenever I walk up the steps into the studio, I immediately feel its peaceful ambience, with the low lighting and wooden floorboards making it a nice, secluded space to stretch your muscles and strike some warrior poses. It’s also heated to 25 degrees all year round, making it perfect to keep warm and toasty in the colder months.



Located in Paddington, near the Verona Cinema, it is situated in a suburb that is bursting with little streets and cafes to explore. There are many unique boutique shops nearby where you can surely find a one-of-a-kind piece and also organic supermarkets that stock some of the freshest produce such as homemade pasta or dried fruit. If you feel like exploring Paddington even further, there is a lovely, hidden place called Five Ways where you’ll find insta-worthy brunch places like Sonoma Bakery and Gusto café to have a hearty meal after a relaxing yoga session.

So whether you’re already a professional down-ward dogger or you’ve never tried out yoga before, Barefoot Yoga’s one-hour sessions is a great way to improve your flexibility in your muscles and joints and the strength and vitality of your body. The mid-year break is coming up, so I really recommend you to give it a go and see what difference it can make to your body and your mind.


Address: T3 Verona Street, Paddington, NSW 2021
Phone: 0404 693 993
Image: Barefoot Yoga


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