Blogging Competition (2015) runner-up prize – Ruiming’s experience in Australia

Written by The Bug

To someone who used to spend half of the summertime under a parasol and the other half applying sunscreen to every inch of the bare skin exposed to sunlight, to survive an Australian summer is not a piece of cake. Of course you can keep your graceful bisque lace parasol so long as you don’t mind being the only “lady” among the Aussie sheilas:

However, since you are already here, why not embrace nature as everyone else does? By nature, I’m not referring to Bondi or the national parks miles away from your house; nature is the trumpet flowers climbing over the wall to say hello to the little gecko on the other side; nature is the kookaburra laughing out loud each morning in your backyard; nature is the cockroaches visiting your kitchen every night…sorry. But to be honest, I have seen more cockroaches in the last one month and a half since I arrived here than I did in the previous 20 years in my life(I celebrated my 21st birthday last month).

Anyway, living with two gay guys is definitely a sweet and sour experience. Being the only girl in the house, I never need to worry about carrying heavy shopping bags home on my own, or to weep myself out when having a fight with my boyfriend; all I have to do is to offer some compliments on their favourite musicals, new outfits, and, more often than not, on their dates. Oh, and another thing, to kill cockroaches for them. The first time I saw a cockroach in our kitchen was at midnight, and I was pretty sure all our neighbours were wakened up by the baby’s cries closely following our 5-second scream. I was scared too, but what other choices did I have with my freaked out housemates hiding in my room? Since then, I have been so used to dealing with those annoying little creatures that it takes me less than 10 seconds to spot them, spray them and kick them out of the house, with my eyes closed that is.

Cockroaches being an exception, I found the relationship between human beings and animals extremely intimate compared with that in China, which is absolutely exciting for me(probably annoying for you though). If you ever see someone chased by a flock of seagulls on the beach, it must be me– I’m the only one willing to share my food with them!

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