Blue Mountains for Easter!!

Written by The Bug

The thing with public holidays is that while everyone enjoys a well deserved break, it also means that you have a day (or a weekend) where nothing much is open, often leaving you a little restless after those initial days of lounging about. So over the Easter Holidays, my family and I drove the 2 hours to the Blue Mountains – specifically, to Katoomba.

The Blue Mountains rests near the edge of the metropolitan area of Sydney, and is defined by a range of mountains that seem to have a blue tinge when viewed from afar. There is so much to explore there, ranging from taking a look at the famous Three Sisters, to experiencing the Jenolan Caves. The drive to the Blue Mountains is mostly relaxing, if you’re going from the west (like we did), cruising a smooth road before hitting the area defined as ‘Blue Mountains’. From there, it’s another 30 – 40 minute drive to Katoomba, depending on traffic conditions.

Where we went, Katoomba, is where the Three Sisters are located, as well as the Leura Cascades, and Katoomba falls. Once there, you have numerous options of different bushwalking trails and self-guided tours that you can explore, complete with maps and a rough outline of how long each trip will take you. While a popular tourist site, the huge range of trails means that each trail is reasonably empty of people, and you do get a chance to explore the area at a leisurely pace.

My family and I decided to go on the Prince Henry Cliff Walk via Katoomba Falls, which was one of the shorter and easier trails as we had to get back to Sydney for dinner. Despite not being there for as long as I would have liked, the beautiful weather combined with breathtaking views and good company made it a relaxing (sans the climbing, unless you find exercise relaxing), and extremely enjoyable evening with the family. On top of having found an excellent parking spot, the day was further improved by taking out time afterwards in the Three Sisters Cafe nearby, getting in a good afternoon snack overlooking the views before heading home.

We go to the Blue Mountains quite often, at least 3 or 4 times a year because of both its convenience, and how much there is to explore there. The Greater Blue Mountains Heritage site is a wide expanse of land that includes many activities if you wanted to enjoy a day out, or even a weekend getaway with some cozy hotels and even hot springs come winter.Untitled

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