Campos Coffee

Written by The Bug
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Had a late night? Have an early morning? This is when coffee is your best friend.

For coffee fanatics like myself, there’s nothing better than a cup of the bitter-sweet goodness first thing in the morning, catching up with your friend or cramming for a test. Campos coffee has got you covered in this department. Being one of the most hyped-up coffee stores the last few years, it is really worth it to visit their store in Newtown.

Campos sources their coffees from all over the world with each source tasting unique. For those who love coffee that is complex with hints of caramel, why not try the El Salvador La Esmeralda, for those who love full-bodied coffees with honey notes, try the Guatemala Santa Rosalia. If you dislike coffee or simply can’t handle the caffeine rush, then have a brownie or a croissant with your coffee-loving friends and simply soak in the ambience.

193 Missendon Road, Newtown NSW
Phone 02 9516 3361
Opening Hours
Mon -Fri 7am-4pm
Sat – Sun 8am-4pm
Closed Public Holidays

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