Canberra Visit: Mid-Break

Written by The Bug

During the Mid year break; I visited Canberra with my cousin. It was very cold during those times i.e. temperature usually falls to -3°C at night. I took a bus, which was very comfortable, and the journey from Sydney to Canberra took 3 hours. I witnessed many beautiful scenes along the way. I stayed in Canberra for a week and I visited almost every major place in Canberra. Those places are described below:

  • War Memorial:

To me, this was the most exciting and interesting place in Canberra. The War memorial contains information about all the major wars in which Australia took part. This is a very big place and it will take about 6 hours to explore it completely. The most exciting part of it is the aerospace department. It contains different actual sized models of aircraft, which were used in wars. On the outside, different models of tanks for display surround it. The front portion of the War memorial building faces just opposite to the Old Parliament and the new Parliament. These three monuments are in a straight line and are joined by Anzac Parade. Along the Anzac Parade, stories of different wars in history are illustrated.


  • Questacon:

It is the National Science and Technology Center. It is an ideal place for kids who are anxious to learn about science as it has many fun activities involving science. It has good Cafes at the ground floor. It has seven galleries and each gallery contains activities, models relating to optical illusions, geology, space, physics etc. Going to these galleries require tickets. It also has a shop which has a collection of many cool science stuff which you can  give it as a  gift to your younger brothers/sisters.


  • Telstra Tower:

It is the famous telecommunication tower of Canberra. It is 195.2 meters tall and it provides a beautiful view of whole Canberra city from its top. Obviously, you can’t go to the topmost point of the tower, there is a balcony at top which provides a decent view of the whole city. It requires a ticket to go to the top balcony, but the prices are very cheap.



  • Parliament House:

I visited the new Parliament House but unfortunately I couldn’t see the visit the parliament house when the members were sitting. You can go inside the parliament during the sitting hours. The Parliament has two wings- Senate house and The House of Representatives. The inside was very clean and quiet. It contains a hall, which has the photos of all the past prime ministers of Australia.


  • Botanical Gardens:

Another place to visit in Canberra is the Botanical Gardens. It has many different gardens, which demonstrate different habitats of Australia, for example The Rock garden, Red garden, Rain forest etc. If one has an interest in Botany, this is a perfect place to visit as it has variety of plants, trees. It also has a greenhouse.




  • Lake Burley Griffin sidewalk:

Lake Burley Griffin is an artificial lake in Canberra. There is a sidewalk along the surrounding the whole lake. You can hire a bicycle and ride along this sidewalk for hours. There are also many cafes along this sidewalk and it’s a very relaxing and quiet place to sit, eat and to spend some time. This sidewalk also connects Questacon, National Gallery,and National Library as they are situated on the shore of the lake.



– Aviral


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