City of Sydney International Students’ Employment Panel

Written by The Bug

“For many international students, having an income would relieve some of their financial hardship. Also, they would gain experience working in Australia which would add to their professional development and complement their study and experience working and living in a different culture. “ Sandra Turcic (2008).

In order to help international students to address the problems related to employment in Australia, City of Sydney International Students Leadership and Ambassador (ISLA) program organised a two hours forum at Town Hall House last week. It is hoped that international students can gain not only resume and interview tips from their peers but also career planning advice from senior fellows and Australian recruiter.

The Principal Consultant of Job Ready Institute, Andy Mackereth gave some critical tips on resume and interview. Generally, those tips can be summarised as below:
• Key differentiators of resumes are:
– Internships & relevant work experience;
– Positions of responsibility in extracurricular activities e.g. Treasurer or President etc;
• Only apply for roles you specifically interested in;
• Practice psychometric tests & presentation skills;
• Ask high quality questions and do not ask them for the sake of it;
• Understand the industry as well as the company you are applying for;
• Be able to articulate why you are interested in this sector and the company specifically;
• Articulate clearly where you hope to be in 5 years’ time;
• Do not send a Facebook request to your interviewer after the interview.

It also very important for international student to gain more experience and form networks through volunteering and internships. Some useful job hunting websites are provided by ISLA program here:
• Youth StepUP is a smartphone app (Available on Apple Store and Google Play) focuses on providing a cultural bridge into the Australian Labour Market, equipping refugee and migrant youth with the tools they need to find their way in this sometimes complicated system they need to navigate.
• City of Sydney’s ISLA and international student website:
• The City’s What’s On page:
• The City’s International Student Guide:
• The Centre for Volunteering:
• JobSearch connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of job-active providers in over 1,700 locations across Australia:
• JobsJobsJobs is an online job board that promotes careers and employment opportunities for all Australians across every industry:
• Fairwork helps you understand your legal rights and responsibilities when working in Australia:

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