City2Surf 2014

Written by The Bug

Sports can create all the miracles in the world! I have witnessed so many wonderful women and men at City2Surf on August 10th, a running event that takes place annually in Sydney.

The City2Surf event has been held for 43 years in Sydney. The original idea came from the San Francisco Bay to Breakers event, and The Sun-Herald held the first event in 1971 with more than 2,000 participants. Nowadays, this community event has attracted over 60,000 people from all ages and all backgrounds!

As I was working as a volunteer in the Cheer Zone near the finish line, I set out at 5:30am and headed to the destination at Bondi Beach. What surprised me most was that the bus would pick up at least 3 to 4 racers at different bus stops. I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm demonstrated by these energetic people. City2Surf covers a 14 km route starting from Hyde Park in the city of Sydney, passing through Double Bay, Rose Bay and Dover Heights, ending at Bondi Beach. The race began at 8:30am. Generally, participants might need to take at least 1h to finish the whole race. But, I was amazed to find out that the second person to reach the finish line was a disabled man. How strong-willed he was!City 2 Surf 2014 2

With more and more people arriving at the Cheer Zone, I welcomed racers from different walks of life, ages and cultural background. I encouraged and congratulated them in their last efforts. They passed their confidence and power by clapping with me. This made me believe that everyone has his or her right to reach the medals in their lives regardless of anything.

In addition, some creative people dressed as funny dinosaurs, Spiderman and even Captain America. The way they shared their passion so enthusiastically made me determined to join them next year.


City2Surf 2014 1

Here is the link to next year City2sSurf event in Sydney: , I will be there waiting for you!

– By Sienna Youjia Xue

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