Diaries of the The Bug – goodbyes for GCT 2015

Written by The Bug

I believe most of you guys must have the same feeling that this is already the last teaching week of Semester 2 2015. This is also the time for the Global Citizen Team to say goodbye to its old members and pass the baton to the new team. Looking back over the past 2 semesters in 2015, GCT has been to Palm Beach, Gordon’s Bay and many other amazing places in and beyond Sydney. We have also received great amount of stunning pictures from our worldwide Instagram account followers. All of these experiences and stories have helped the Global Citizen Team become more dynamic and positive.

Thanks for the support from both of the internal and external organisations, such as UNSW Discussion Group and City of Sydney International Student Leadership Program. We would like to share more our travel stories, tantalising food, awesome events and amazing experiences in the coming semester.
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Love, The Global Citizen Team 2015

1Our colourful Instagram page @thebugunsw

2Team Bonding Dinner at Niji (April 2015)

3GCT babies and her new handmade banner (June 2015)

4Palm Beach, Sydney (June 2015)

5Palm Beach, Sydney (June 2015)

6Team Bonding Dinner at Chinese Noodle and Dumpling House (Aug 2015)

7GCT Photo Competition Info Stall (Sept 2015)

8GCT Photo Competition Info Stall (Sept 2015)

9Gordon’s Bay, Sydney (Oct 2015)

10Gordon’s Bay, Sydney (Oct 2015)

11The Hub End of Session Debrief (Oct 2015)

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