Discussion Group Writing Competition Winner: Exploring South Durras

Written by The Bug

It’s been a while when I remember my first holiday in Australia. My supervisor invited my friend and I to South Durras, which is a small village on the South Coast of NSW. South Durras is located approximately 300 Km from Sydney and it normally takes 5-hour drive.


Image- About Australia.com

It was an early autumn day. We enjoyed both on the way and in the South Durras itself. The more we went to the south the more colourful we saw outside. Nature drew a spectacular picture with many different colours when the tree leaves were turning yellow or red with a rainbow above after a short rain.


In South Durras, it was surprising me when we were surrounded by many different animals such as parrots, pelicans, magpies, crows, and especially heaps of wallabies and kangaroos. We also experienced feeding kangaroos and saw a stunning scene which a kangaroo was wandering with a few-week-old joey sitting in its mother’s stomach with a pink head outside.


That day was also a day that I enjoyed the most in the past ten years since I just immersed on the wildlife and the natural environment without working on my computers and cell phone.


– Huu Nguyen Nguyen Tran

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