Great Ocean Road Trip

Written by The Bug

My friends and I decided to visit Melbourne during mid-session break in April this year. We visited many cool and nice places in Melbourne, but this article is about my experience of one my favorite place i.e. Great Ocean Road.

It is 243 kilometres long road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. It is the world’s largest war memorial, which is dedicated to the soldiers killed in World War 1. The road also passes through the Port Campbell National Park. The road journey was very exciting and wonderful as it is full of nice landscapes and beautiful scenery.


We stopped at many places just to admire the beauty of nature. Unfortunately, we were unable to go to the end of the road, but we visited places like London arch and island archway. We hired a car for this trip. It is beneficial to grab some food for the journey as the overall journey may take more than 7 hours and the forest area is completely deserted. You might even like a place where you can have a little picnic with your friends.

The best time to visit the London arch and island archway is during sunset. You can also visit other place like The Grotto and The Twelve Apostles. The weather was very pleasant at that time. I recommend to visit Great Ocean Road during the October mid-session break and when you do, try to reach the end of the road as it will be a whole new adventure with friends and you will have a lot of awesome memories.


– Aviral


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