Student Experiences, Hong Kong

Written by The Bug

People usually do not travel to their own hometown like a visitor would. This past summer, I visited lots of famous places in Hong Kong with my friend, like a tourist would. We went to Stanley to enjoy the relaxed life, and also the Victoria Harbour, which has a stunning view and a nice summer breeze. It was a wonderful summer.

By Lavinia

Hong Kong has a wide range of food from different countries. Wonderful 🙂 Besides, you can buy whwatever you want to, also, the hotels are of high quality as well. Superb night life, convenient transport, do come, you will love it!

By Anonymous

Hong kong is an international city, which is well known as a shopping and food paradise. You can try different kind of food here. You can go crazy shopping with lots of cheap things. And HK is a culturally – rich country, you will love it!

By Barry, Engineering