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 Anyone wants to relaxing more before all assignments and exams smashing you around? It is perfect time to visit Kiama!



Kiama is one of a classic seaside town with beautiful beaches and is located in the Illawarra, NSW (the south of Sydney). The most memorable moment for me was Kiama Coastal Walk! This was the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of Kiama. The vast expanse of sea caught my eyes and made me sit on the bench. It was great time to relax by myself. Also, by just looking others, enjoying their life (swimming, chatting with friends and jogging etc.), I felt all my stresses or concerns are melting away. A little rest and relaxation had never been that affordable.

Another popular attraction for tourist is definitely the Kiama Blowhole.  This natural rock formation gives you a chance to see 20 metres or more of water spouts into the air. If you guys have not been there, I recommend that place at least once in your life time. Unluckily, when I’d been there, winds were not blowing enough for higher water spouts. It was just calm. I hope you would see a big one with nice weather. Just for your information, there is the Little Kiama Blowhole as well. Don’t confused between them. Moreover, the Kiama Blowhole can also be a good place that you can see outstanding views along the coast. If you are lucky, then you might also see whales travelling for their annual migration.

Kiama Jazz & Blues Festival will be held on 13/03/2016. It would be a great chance to spend the time with your family or friends with jazz, blues, swing and rumba etc on weekend. There are no tickets for entry, just enjoy your Sunday. For further information, please visit the website below.

It takes only 1.5 hrs from Sydney by car. Also, it is accessible by train and coach. Their website shows Sydney Trains timetable information as well.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jae Won Shin

The Bug UNSW




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