Lapland, Finland

Written by The Bug

I went to Lapland for a week during my 6-month stay in Finland, and can now say that being in the Artic Circle was one of the most amazing experiences of my  life! Me and my travel companions drove up to a tiny town near Kittilä and stayed in a wooden cottage in the woods, overlooking a gorgeous valley. We’d make a fire in the evenings, cooking makkara (sausage) and marsh mellows as the light faded.

One morning, when I woke up to make myself a cup of tea, I saw a white reindeer and its baby eating some grass right in front of my window! White reindeer are very rare and are considered to bring luck to those that are able to spot them…it was a once in a lifetime sighting I will never forget.

We were also able to climb a tunturi (the name of the hills/mountains typical of Lapland) and spend the night in a wooden cottage (the one in the photo!) with no electricity, water or any facilities. It was so cold, and it wasn’t even winter yet! Looking at the scenery at night, sitting of the edge of a mountain and counting the stars was really amazing…and so was waking up to find out it had snowed during the night!

On the way back, we stopped in Rovaniemi and decided to go to the Santa Claus Village where I got to meet the real deal Santa…as the modest age of 18. It was exciting nonetheless, and he gave me a sticker saying I had been a hyvä tyttö (good girl). Well, that was a surprise…

By Sylvia, Arts/Education