Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York U.S.A

Written by The Bug

So where to begin? There was such a small amount of time to explore the states but the most significant places will always be remembered. Los Angeles, more famously known as L.A was filled with plenty of attractions. From Disneyland to SeaWorld, there was something for everyone but my highlight of L.A would have been Universal Studios. Explore the set of where movies are filmed and experience the thrill of rollercoasters. I was a tad bit disappointed I wasn’t able to see the famous ‘Hollywood’ landmark due to unexpected weather conditions. However, I did get the chance to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With more than 2400 stars on the walk, you’d be sure to pack your camera with lots of images of both fictional characters and honoured celebrities.


Ah yes Las Vegas, known for it’s gambling, shopping and its dining districts. This was a place filled with big bright lights and its entertainment capital. I got the chance to see the Fremont Street Experience. This was basically a pedestrian mall that became a light and sound show at night. It’s hard to explain but make sure to visit the district to experience the full potential!

New York is definitely a place for sightseeing and exploring. Board a cruise seeing the harbour and discover the momentous Statue of Liberty. From afar, you can also see the Alcatraz Island, which was once home to convicts but now is a popular tourist attraction. Make sure you also head to Times Square, one of the world’s most busiest and brightest intersections. It’s just like how its made out to be on tv!


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