Motorcycle Diaries: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Written by The Bug

Two things that I’m passionate about are motorcycles and altruism. You wouldn’t think they’d go hand in hand, but allow me to show you otherwise.

On Sunday 27th September is the “Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride”, a worldwide charity event organised across 400 cities with over 30000 participants. The event brings both male and female members of the custom and classic-styled motorcycle community together.

Since its inception in 2012, the goal of the Gentleman’s Ride is to dispel the negative stereotypes of motorcycle riders harboured by the wider community but more importantly raise awareness and money for research towards a cure for prostate cancer.


Photo credit – Baptiste C. David

Now if you happen to be out and about in the Sydney CBD on this particular Sunday morning, don’t be surprised to find in excess of 500 dapper gentleman and elegantly-styled ladies riding through the city centre. From what I gathered speaking to my friends spectating last year’s ride, it was a showcase of the Victorian era. For the men, it is tailored suits, silk vests, top-hats, fake moustaches, monocles, dress shoes while for the women, the same garments apply. Combine the fashion with their immaculate, polished classic motorbikes and what you get is a parade that’s not to be missed.

This year is my second time partaking in the Gentleman’s Ride. It was hands down the most fun I had on a group ride and also satisfying being able to contribute to the pot; $1.5 million US dollars raised in 2014. If you know someone who owns a classic-styled motorcycle, get them to register for the Sydney ride ( then participate as a pillion. If you find yourself participating or on the back of a motorcycle, expect heaps of smiles all around and a lot of waving and air kisses.


Photo credit – @storiesofbike



Me (right) with the Founder and President of the UNSW Motorcycle Club

-Andre Hidayat

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