Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Written by The Bug

I would like to share about my travel experience to Melbourne during my semester break back in 2010! In my opinion, the 3 most memorable attractions were Brighton Beach, Enchanted Maze Garden and Great Ocean Road.

Starting with Brighton Beach, what differentiates it from other beaches are those colourful huts! It’s a pity that we can’t enter those pretty huts and have a nice cup of coffee while enjoying the picturesque view at the beach!

Moving next to…the Enchanted Maze Garden, I felt as though I was Alice, stuck in the wonderland maze! It’s really a fun visit with friends as you can explore the maze and enjoy the gardens and arts all at the same time!

Finally, one should never leave Melbourne without travelling along the Great Ocean Road! Each vantage point along the way is absolutely breathtaking and the sunset at the 12 apostles is simply amazing! Just look at the panoramic view behind us!

By Dickson

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