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If you need somewhere to explore on the weekend that is not too far away from UNSW, look no further than Newtown. Newtown is the ultimate culture hotspot in Sydney boasting markets, fine food and stunning graffiti art which has got many Sydney siders buzzing. It is a vibrant suburb that you should visit at least once and you will be guaranteed to love it.

My friend stumbled upon the vast, colourful walls of graffiti art scattered throughout the suburb which make for great photo opportunities and a good afternoon of exploring with the added bonus of exercise.

Locations of some of the art:
– May Lane (this place boasts several graffiti walls)
– Wilford Street

Check out the link below which shows the graffiti art and its corresponding location.

The markets are held there every Saturday and are worth checking out for a truly local feel of this unique place and it is easily accessible from Central by train so there is no reason to not check it out!

Newtown is well known for its trendy cafes and brunch locations so join in the hype and try one for yourself. The main street is filled with good food, cheap Asian cuisines and cafes/clothing shops and just about anything a good suburb has. I personally loved this place, with good company it makes a good day of venturing around the many wonders that Sydney has to offer so check it out and let us know how you found it!

For a reference of what cafes, bars and restaurants other locals have experienced, check out the link here:



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