Port Stephens Trip

Written by The Bug

Last week, I spent a lovely weekend with my friends at Port Stephens, which was 3-hour drive from Sydney. We had arrived there around 9pm on Friday, and checked in the Little Paradise with ocean view, only 480 dollars for 2 nights. Great value!! After dinner, we went to sleep early.


On Saturday, we went to Fingal Bay. How sunny day was!! We walked along with the beach, enjoyed the relax moment. The northeastern head of the bay was the Fingal headland, which was connected to the mainland via Fingal Spit, a sand spit about 900 m long. Waters to the northeast of the spit are known as “Fly Roads”. We tried to go through the “Fly Roads”, but it was too dangerous to across due to tide.


After short lunch time we decided to go sandboarding, everyone couldn’t wait to go. The sandboarding location was between the sea and the forest. It only took only 20 dollars for each. When we arrived at the Sand Dunes, we found that it was an amazing place with a range of modern, comfortable off-road vehicles into the Stockton Beach Sand Dunes, the largest moving coastal sand mass in mainland Australian. Believe it or not, we surfed down the massive up to 40-metre high dunes with slopes up to 60 degrees. My friends and I were screaming all the way surfing down the slope. Amazing experience!



– By Phoenix Li

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