Written by The Bug

There comes a point (or several) in every uni students life where the stress of endless tests and assignments becomes a little too much to handle. Does it make you want to go nuts and bounce off the walls? Make sure you do it at Skyzone Alexandria, where you can literally bounce off of the trampoline-walls!


Even if you’re not stressed and just want to have a really fun time, Skyzone is the place to go. It’s perfect for either small or large groups of friends. Inside the center there are hundreds of interconnected trampolines that essentially form one massive trampoline. You can free-bounce on the large stretches of trampolines that also offer huge games of dodgeball and volleyball.
Personally, my favourite part was the foam pit, because lets face it – everybody looks ridiculous when they are trying to drag themselves out of a giant foam pit. You can bounce as high as you are comfortable with and can do any kind of jump or flip (just not backflips for beginners!) into the pit. With a few of these trampolines in a row, it’s seriously endless fun!

Skyzone offers a deal for students. At $10 per person per hour, it’s a pretty good deal! However it’s only available weekdays from 10am-4pm so keep that in mind!

Check out the link below for details on opening hours, transport and parking:

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