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Written by The Bug

This weeks article finds itself situated in The Rocks. A few weeks ago, a close friend of mine asked whether I had organized to do anything for my 21st birthday. Typical me – no, I hadn’t, and I didn’t have any ideas either! She said she has a fantastic idea for the and suggested that we go to this exciting place down in The Rocks…


And so, this is how I discovered PANiQ-ROOM. These rooms are spread across the globe, in Hungary, Hollywood, Los Angeles and Australia. Basically, they are real-life escape rooms, filled with riddles to solve and codes to break in only a one hour time slot!

PANiQ ROOM in The Rocks has 2 rooms: Supercell 117 and Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks. These rooms have a maximum of 6 and 8 people respectively. I played Supercell 117 with my friends – here is the description from the website:

“You find yourselves in a cell hand-cuffed and blindfolded, with stifling smoke. You have no idea how you got there. You are locked away from each other and the situation is not looking good at all. One thing you know for sure: you have to get out! Would you save your own life only, or would you care for your friends as well? The choice is yours, but time is running out, and the guards are arriving soon.”

 Sounds a bit daunting, right? However, we were only blindfolded upon entering the room to avoid seeing vital clues – we could remove the blindfolds as soon as the 60 minute timer started. The handcuffs? Well, we had to follow the clues to unlock them! I won’t give much more away, but this was an extremely fun room with lots of cryptic clues to solve. It’s a fantastic idea for a team-bonding activity, or even just as a fun weekend activity to do with some friends.

With a 40% escape rate and a 4 out of 5 difficulty rating, my friends and I were quite pleased with ourselves when we escaped with about 5 minutes left on the timer! My friends in the adjacent Abandoned Military Bunker also made it out just before the time was up!

Prices become cheaper as the number of participants increase:

  • 2-3 people: 40 AUD pp
  • 4-5 people: 35 AUD pp
  • 6 people: 30 AUD pp

My recommendation? If you want to have fun, are into problem solving, like games and like team exercises, this is a must! Even if you don’t think this sounds like something you’d like, I’m willing to bet you’ll come out and recommend it to all of your friends too!



For more info, have a browse around the website:


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