The Entrance, New South Wales, Australia

Written by The Bug

The Entrance is a very conveniently-situated holiday place which is just about one hour drive from Sydney.

What we did at the Entrance was just to enjoy the great coastal view and the beautiful beaches. It was amazing to see one of the beaches was just surrounded by the water!

There are many serviced apartments there all with superb water views. Besides that, numerous cafes are just near the beaches; you can always sit there, have some coffee and relax!

My suggestion for a weekend holiday plan will be to stay somewhere (quite a few cheap hotels and motels there) near Lake Macquarie for one night, which is in between Newcastle and The Entrance. Have a good afternoon visiting Lake Macquarie and the nearby beaches, and then go to dinner in New Castle. And in the second day you can go to The Entrance to have a whole beautiful day, later head back to Sydney.

By Anonymous