Top 3 Australian Travel Instagrams

Written by The Bug

We’ve reached that time of the semester again…. It’s week 6 – we’re halfway through the semester where our optimistic productivity has begun to lose momentum, spending our time making plans for our upcoming mid-semester break instead of studying. Mid-semester break is still a few weeks away, meaning now is the perfect time to make travel plans for the week long break (possibly longer depending on how willing you are to push that 80% attendance)!

For those like myself who cannot afford a luxurious getaway or a month long backpacking trip in Europe, the mid-semester break is perfect for a small trip domestically in Australia. So without further ado, here are three top Australian travel instagrams to follow to give you trip ideas or just to infect yourself with wanderlust:

1. @Australia
Tourism Australia’s official instagram account is packed with amazing photography from our beloved animals to phenomenal landscapes. Posts are complemented with detailed descriptions of the location, attraction and travel tips. It’s the perfect springboard for your next getaway! Make sure to also tag them or use their hashtags to have your photos reposted.

2. @lovethywalrus
Paul is a professional photographer from Tasmania – and he often posts spectacular photos of his home state. Follow for phenomenal skyline photos as well as the occasional warm, fuzzy photo of a furry friend.

3. @paulyvella
Last but not least, Pauly is another Australian instagrammer who posts stunning photos from his travels all over the world. In between his globetrotting, there will always be photos to remind you of how beautiful our country is. They also serve as wonderful ideas for Sydney exploration!

I hope these instagrams have inspired some great mid-semester travel ideas!

The Bug UNSW

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