Travel Diaries: Hungary

Written by The Bug

Courtney Liddle, a second year commerce/law student recaps her amazing experience in Hungary as an international volunteer with Aiesec.

“Volunteering in Hungary was honestly on the best decisions of my life. The country was amazing, with its rich history and its beautiful landscapes. I stayed in the small town of Paks in Hungary, volunteering in a language school and a secondary school; teaching English to students ranging from six years old to fourteen years old.

The experience was challenging at times; trying to control a group of energetic six year olds who speak very little English is not always the easiest task! But all the same, seeing how much the students appreciated my efforts, and seeing how they developed more and more confidence to speak in English and interact with me on a more personal level was an extremely rewarding experience that I’ll never forget, and I know that many of the students will never forget. Working with these children was truly a rewarding experience because I knew I was giving the children something they were unlikely to receive ever again, having a native speaker come to their school.

Whilst on my volunteering trip I also had the opportunity to travel to other countries on my weekends and days off, which was challenging but unforgettable. I explored London, Vienna and Prague, and each place taught me something new about the world. Hungary is a great location to visit, as you have the opportunity to explore other parts of Europe (especially Eastern Europe). I spent most of my weekends exploring other countries, it was an amazing experience.

I met so many amazing people in Hungary, who went to lengthy efforts to make me feel at home and provided me with life changing experiences.

I now realise that stepping outside of your comfort zone is the best way to grow as a person and learn more about the world. It is so important to take every opportunity that you are given as you will change your life, and more likely than not, that of many others.”

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