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Last Sunday, my best friend came down from Adelaide to celebrate her birthday. Her brother had given her the fantastic idea of going up to Wyong in the central coast to visit the Tree Top Adventure. My friend and I both thought that it was going to be a casual walk over some wooden platforms in the woods. Well, we were quite wrong about that.

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The Tree Top Adventure is actually an obstacle-styled course situated between trees at differing heights. There is an initial safety brief where the staff teach you how to put on your harness and to use the personal protective equipment which will keeps you safely attached to the course at all times. After this, you start out on the red course: an easy, wobbly introduction to your ascent through the trees where you attempt to keep your balance on ropes and logs!
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After successfully completing the red course, you then work your way up to the blue and the black courses, which are progressively more challenging and terrifyingly high! These involve swinging tarzan-style on a hemp rope and catching yourself on a spider web, jumping off the edge of an extremely high platform to zoom down a 200m flying fox and clinging onto a handle bar as you propel through the air to your next platform.

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All in all, it’s an exceptionally fun experience. I’m typically terrified of heights and end up uncontrollably shaking more than I’d like to admit. This time, however, I felt a surge of confidence. I think it was the combination of doing this with my best friend, having a good laugh and genuinely challenging myself. Did I mention there’s no other way down…?

Seriously though, this makes for an absolutely fantastic day out with friends. If Wyong is a little too far to travel (car pooling is a good idea, too!), then there is another Tree Top Adventure located in Sydney in Abbotsbury. Tickets for students are $40 each but they do have deals available for groups of 10 or more.

So get your friends together and go do this! It makes for an unconventional yet hilarious and memorable trip out. All the details can be found on the website:


– Jaye

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