Under the sea….

Written by The Bug

If there is one place I have been absolutely dying to re-visit, it’s the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. There have been a number of exciting new additions since my last trip in 2010!

If hands-on adventure is your calling, why not try Shark Reef snorkelling in the Aquarium’s Great Barrier Reef enclosure? The center offers a discount- for groups of 4 it costs $330 instead of the usual $350 (which comes to $82.5 each), so if you have the cash this would be an incredible experience for you and your friends!

Alternatively, if you are more interested in discovering what goes on behind the scenes, why not try the Marine Biologist for a Day event? You’ll spend the day with an expert and learn about the feeding habits of mantle rays, how the staff make toys to keep the octopi (which are exceptionally intelligent creatures) stimulated in their enclosures and much more! This deal is available for a group of 5 for $250 on Wednesdays or $280 on Saturdays, which comes to $62.5 or $70 per person.

Of course, you don’t have to participate in any pre-booked event to a fun filled day! The Aquarium is packed with a wide variety of enclosures and exhibits which can be explored with a general pass. This includes watching the only pair of dugongs on display in the world swim around their underwater shipwreck enclosure, to gazing at exotic shoals of fish as you wander through dim halls with only the mesmerising azure hue to guide you along your way. There is also a large passage-like tunnel that allows you to get up close and personal with various species of sharks and mantle rays as you walk through their underwater enclosure. Wherever your interests lie, the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium is guaranteed to offer you a fantastic experience!


  • Concession Tickets pp: $25
  • Adult Tickets pp: $28
  • Arc members can buy one adult ticket and receive another free, so when split with a friend, admission comes to just $14 each!

Additionally, there are Multi Attraction Passes available on offer for those who are eager! (30 day pass valid for Madam Tassauds, Sydney Wild Life Zoo, Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, Manly Sea Life Sanctuary and The Sydney Tower when you buy online): $69

There are plenty more events and deals available, so check the website for more information: http://www.sydneyaquarium.com.au


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