What to eat this winter in Sydney CBD

Written by The Bug

UNSW’s semester break is coming up but you know what else is? WINTER IS COMING!!~ Yeah subtle GoT reference right? HA. Gattem.

Anyways it’s time to plan what to eat during this winter semester break and I’ve got a few recommendations for you!

When you think of winter food, you’ll usually think of a warm soup to fill your cold heart body. If you haven’t tried ramen, now is your time to! Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish with a variety of soup bases and toppings. In Sydney there are plenty of ramen restaurants, but my two favourites have got to be Ichiban Boshi and Tenkomori. Both these restaurants provide large servings of ramen for an affordable cost!

Ichiban Boshi is at the Galleries (across Woolworths at Townhall) on Level 2 just opposite the large bookstore Kinokuniya. It’s a pretty popular restaurant so you’ll most likely have to wait for a table during peak hours, which is why the owners have made an alternative “Ichiban Boshi”. The alternate one is located in the food court on the lower ground floor of the same building! So if you’re in a rush, head there for some amazing ramen.

Prices: $9 – $15

Address: The Galleries, 500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000



Tenkomori is also another popular spot for getting amazing ramen, which is located at Regent Place. Regent Place is approximately 20 metres away from the Event Cinemas entrance. Their restaurant is a street themed ramen shop, which provides a very interesting restaurant experience. Try their tonkotsu(pork bone broth), it’s amazing.

Prices: $7 – $13

Address: Regent Place, 29/501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Surprising, warm foods aren’t the only things people want to eat during winter! Cold desserts are always a craving in the colder months. In Sydney CBD, two amazing dessert places in Sydney CBD would be Caffe Tiamo and Chanoma Café!!

Caffe Tiamo is well known for its Patbingsu/Bingsu which is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, red beans and fruit syrups. It’s on Pitt Street, directly behind World Square so be sure to try it out if you haven’t!
Prices: $15 for a large serving

Address: 374 Pitt Street, CBD, Sydney


For all the matcha lovers out there, Chanoma is the place to be! Chanoma Café is a matcha based dessert restaurant that serves a variety of matcha desserts. They also just renovated so it has a very modern and rustic garden atmosphere. Luckily if you’re eating at Tenkomori, it’ll be right across it so go for both ramen and dessert this winter! There is also a very unique snack called “soy sauce fries”, I know it sounds weird but NOT GONNA LIE IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND.

Prices: $5 – $15

Address: 1/501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


Good luck to all the students doing their finals soon! You’ll be able to try all these foods really soon 🙂

– The Global Citizen Team

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