Xi’an, China

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When you travel to Xi’an, Shaanxi province, after visiting famous Terra Cotta Warriors, it is the time for enjoying local tasty food!

Guan Tang Bao Zi

One of the most famous delicacies in Xi’an is Guan Tang Bao Zi (photo above). It is a type of Muslim snack, buns with hot soup inside.  There are many different kinds of flavors, but I strongly recommend two traditional types, lamb and beef!

The skins of these buns are very thin, and the soup inside is extremely hot when buns are served on your table; therefore, a special skill for eating those buns is needed when you eat them. The traditional skill has three steps:

  1. Biting a bit on the edge of a bun.
  2. Pouring the hot soup out of a bun into your spoon.
  3. Drinking the soup in you spoon, and dipping the bun into the sauces and then eating it!

It may sound silly, but you will not be scalded by following these steps. I promise!

Rou Jia Mo

I believe all of you who are from western countries are not unfamiliar with burgers. Convenience food but it carries too many calories, so some people call it junk food! One of the most famous and healthy Chinese “burgers” is called “Rou Jia Mo” locally. Actually, Rou Jia Mo could be the oldest burgers in the world which can be dated back to thousands of years ago.

Rou Jia Mo is from Shaanxi Province originally and it is a kind of street food. Unlike burgers in western countries, Chinese use “Mo”, a type of flat bread, instead of bread. As everyone knows, breads contain sugar while Mo is simply made of flours and water and baked in a clay and mud oven. Traditionally, pork is commonly used which is stewed for hours in soup consisting of about 20 ingredients.

Although Rou Jia Mo is a traditional food in Shaanxi Province, you can find it in many places in China today. It plays an important role in people life. If you travel to China, do not miss it!!

Yang Rou Pao Mo

In Xi’an, Yang Rou Pao Mo is as famous as Terra Cotta Warriors. People always say, if you do not go to Terra Cotta Warriors, it is equal to you have never been to Xi’an and if you have not eaten Yang Rou Pao Mo,  it is same.

Xi’an is an ancient city famous for not only its old histories, but also its diversity traditional delicacies. Yang Rou Pao Mo is the most famous local delicacy in Xi’an. It is also a traditional Muslim dish, a delicious beef or mutton broth poured over small bits of freshly-torn round, flat bing. Bing is a type of Chinese bread and also an interesting food of Yang Rou Pao Mo.

Traditionally, bing should be torn up by customers and it also a enjoyable process. Some local people believe that tearing up bing is an art. Bing should be torn up into half and then these halves ought to be torn into small pieces. You can tear up bing as many as you like, in my case, as a female, one is enough. After tearing up bing, you need to send back the bowl to kitchen and chef will fill the bowl with hot mutton or beef soup, topping with wood ears, a heap of noodles and lamb or beef. Yang Rou Pao Mo will also be served with some sweet garlic and chilli source.

By Alicia, Accounting

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